Sounds like Crap no more!

Entertaining revelation. I stumbled upon Zig Zigler. He tells a story of a woman who hates her job but helped turn it around by pointing her in the right direction. The major take away was that when you are grateful for what you have you see things in a new light. It is amazing what happens after a couple days of following his prescription. Watch the video, try it out. I see my work in a new light. 

I realise that the way you see things changes everything, you can be given the exact same things as someone else and you can take it a completely different way! It reminds me of the South Park episode ‘Sounds like Crap’ where when you get to a certain age everything literally sounds like crap. It is purely a state of mind which you can turn around at any time. But what I have found is that you don’t tackle it head on,  i.e. just baring it, that won’t change anything except you ability to deal with more ‘crap’. If you see it differently, if you realise you are lucky to be here, to see things with beginners eyes things can change. Be grateful and you will stop seeing it as crap. Of course, there are time where things really are crap. Being grateful lets you sort one from the other and helps you move forward. Least it has for me.



Stick it

I had a thought today. I likened myself to Anakin Skywalker. He had a sense that he was so much more than his master. That they were idiots for not seeing it. Just that sense of expectation has kept me in the rut that I am in. That I think that the world owes me and that things should be different. But in the end, I am not any different, I rush things to try and get to the end but really. What is the point in rushing, we are all going to the same place.

So, with that beautifully enriching paragraph I announce that I will distill who I want to be. Stop taking shit from others, grow a pair and slowly live into the person I want to become. All while not going mad, killing younglings and turning to the dark side! Wow, I can’t wait!


This blog is more to clarify my thoughts than anything else. If it works out then I hope it is something of value to you too. I have this desire to make something worth while. I enjoy entrepreneurship, electronics, teaching, helping people. Lets see what we can do with that hay. One thing I do have is 9 to 5. I just don’t get it, maybe because I spent four years at uni doing what I wanted as long as the work got me the grade. As opposed to a job where it is somewhat mandatory to be placed in a seat and execute work which you may or may not be interested in. I attempt to control what work I do but there are always portions that are undesirable. Some tell me that I should learn to like it but this just appears wrong to me. So, instead I plot and plan to create things as a means of income to transition out. This blog is made to follow that journey, to keep me honest and on target.