This blog is more to clarify my thoughts than anything else. If it works out then I hope it is something of value to you too. I have this desire to make something worth while. I enjoy entrepreneurship, electronics, teaching, helping people. Lets see what we can do with that hay. One thing I do have is 9 to 5. I just don’t get it, maybe because I spent four years at uni doing what I wanted as long as the work got me the grade. As opposed to a job where it is somewhat mandatory to be placed in a seat and execute work which you may or may not be interested in. I attempt to control what work I do but there are always portions that are undesirable. Some tell me that I should learn to like it but this just appears wrong to me. So, instead I plot and plan to create things as a means of income to transition out. This blog is made to follow that journey, to keep me honest and on target.


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